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    Wi-Charge |Long Range Wireless Power Transfer

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    Summary:Wi-Charge products offer wireless power for the wide range of consumer, industrial, medical and military applications.
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    Wi-Charge products offer wireless power for the wide range of consumer, industrial, medical and military applications. Wi-Charge’s products are unique in their ability to deliver useful wireless power and seamlessly over long distances efficiently and safely.

    Mobile technologies are entering every aspect of our lives. Today’s widely used devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops – are being joined every day by watches, wearables, industrial and consumer sensors, IoT applications, and so much more. However, these devices are not truly mobile if they require connection to the power cord. Untethered re-charging is the final challenge to true mobility.

    Wi-Charge addresses the biggest pain in mobile and wireless – increasing power consumption and the need for frequent recharging. Leveraging our proprietary wireless power transmission technology, we develop remote charging solutions that essentially enable mobile and wireless devices to seamlessly recharge themselves without user intervention.

    Wi-Charge technology makes charging at home, at an office, or in a public place as easy and transparent as connecting to the Internet. From UX perspective, devices become completely self-sufficient.


    Power delivery is today’s #1 problem across mobile and wireless device usage; devices need to be recharged repeatedly. Smartphone and tablet users scurry around airports and trains in search of power outlets. Wireless sensors in smart buildings and industrial environments suffer fro m limitations to their operational capabilities due to rationed power availability. Flight time of increasingly popular drone technology is constrained by battery capacity.

    Wi-Charge is set to solve this problem. We are engaged in developing products that deliver remotely substantial power allowing seamless recharging of mobile and wireless devices. Our mission is to break the tether to the power cord and to make mobile devices self-sufficient and free users of frequent recharging.


    Remote wireless charging as widespread as WiFi in public spaces, offices and homes.

    We envision proliferation of remote charging hotspots in homes, offices and in public areas (coffee shops, shopping centers, airports). Mobile devices seamlessly self-charge off these hotspots. This is in a way similar to the WiFi revolution that freed mobile devices fro m Ethernet cable connection some 10 years ago.

    We foresee unattended flying vehicles being constantly powered up while in the air and not being limited anymore to just few minutes of flying time.

    Our technology will enable an explosion of mobile and wireless devices finally free of the power cord.

    We expect the remote charging to become an inseparable part of our everyday life.

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    Wi-Charge |Long Range Wireless Power Transfer:Wi-Charge products offer wireless power for the wide range of consumer, industrial, medical and military applications.

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