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    The Russian news agency

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    Summary:The Russian news agency headquarters in 1961 created the news publishing in the Soviet news agency basis (Novosti Press Agency, APN).
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    The Russian news agency

    The Russian news agency's predecessor was founded in June 24, 1941 directly under the Soviet people's Committee (it's been, by which, the society to which customers, which makes me to C C, C and P, and P's) and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Soviet News Agency (C, e, e c k's т и society Phi which makes me, for which these ch ho E C to P.). At that time, the main task is to broadcast, newspaper and magazine compilation of front, rear and comprehensive report guerrilla activity. In 1944, the Soviet news agency established specifically responsible for the publicity work to other national departments. Through the introduction of the Soviet people's struggle against fascism to the whole world in 1171 newspapers, 523 magazines in 23 countries and 18 radio stations, the Soviet embassy, friendship groups, trade unions, women's groups, youth organizations and research institution

    The Russian news agency headquarters in 1961 created the news publishing in the Soviet news agency basis (Novosti Press Agency, APN). The main purpose of the news press is negative information about the Soviet Union, the overseas introduction of foreign people's life to the people of the Soviet Union and promote mutual understanding, trust and friendship development international.

    The news press motto is "for the global welfare and people's friendship". The news press in more than 120 countries in the world have their own representative office. Press release 60 color printing 45 language newspapers and magazines, a circulation of four million three hundred thousand copies. 1989 news publishing house founded Television Center, and the center for the restructuring of the modern "TV news" Corporation for Television Broadcasts.

    According to the July 27, 1990 Soviet President Gorbachev "on the establishment of" news "news agency" the presidential decree in news publishing house founded by news agency. In 1993, Russian news agencies became the national information analysis mechanism. The Russian news agency information publication is the main characteristics of real-time, accurate, objective and independent views without political situation influence.

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    The Russian news agency headquarters in 1961 created the news publishing in the Soviet news agency basis (Novosti Press Agency, APN).

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