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    God's domain anime light novels

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    Summary:Sword domain of God (Sword Art Online, clothアーーソSuites · Io nn nn rye ) is abec illustrator Japanese light novels by Dengeki Bunko on published.
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    God's domain anime light novels

    Sword domain of God (Sword Art Online, clothアーーソSuites · Io nn nn rye ) is abec illustrator Japanese light novels by Dengeki Bunko on published. Contributions in 2002 began writing Dengeki Bunko Awards , but because undesirable serialized only in personal websites , but still a record number of more than 6.5 million records read . Sword of God won the 2011 domain works of four , in 2012 and in 2013 the first one .

    Anime is a Japanese sword domain of God writer Kawahara masterpiece of gravel , about death game is about to kick off a player · SAO Kazuto to fully Raiders goal of the game arena launched a series of grim castle adventure . Sword domain of God story is set in 2022 , tells the story of a place in the online role-playing game " Sword of God Domains" wonderful story . SAO is one that can accommodate eleven thousand large network game players to participate in the game's protagonist Kazuto learned " who died in the game will be dead in reality ," the astonishing fact. And want to get away fro m the game , the only way is down in floor leader of the first layer 100 . Thus, Kazuto who devoted themselves to see the end of the game fighting among . Swords domain of God , MMO back to the real world , they immediately went looking for a partner game , but also the favorite object of Asuna . But Asuna Yuuki ( Asuna ) but not fro m that nightmare game return. Kazuto and thus also fall into confusion and despair among . The only clue sword domain of God , is Asuna with " fairy " look standing in the cage singular image files. Asuna seems to be trapped in a high-performance VRMMO game "ALtheimOnline" inside . Kazuto order to save Asuna , a fairy flying into this with numerous staggered "ALO" world of high popularity in the network of "Fairy Dance" papers launched.

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    God's domain anime light novels:Sword domain of God (Sword Art Online, clothアーーソSuites · Io nn nn rye ) is abec illustrator Japanese light novels by Dengeki Bunko on published.

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